Termite Treatment

Do You Need Termite Control in Hudson, FL (or Surrounding Areas)?

We KILL All types of Termites – Including Drywood Termites & Subterranean Termites


Your home is a big investment which needs to be protected from termite infestations.

We live in an area that consistently has above average termite activity year after year.

We use only Termidor liquid termiticide when we perform a treatment and we offer a re-treatment in 10years not 5 years like many other companies.

With our application of Termidor you canfeel confident that your home is thoroughly protected from the damage that termites cando.

We apply a perimeter treatment against the foundation outside to prevent any colonies from traveling in the house from the outside.

The big difference between our service and those offered by others is that we also treat the inside trouble spots for termites too.


We start at the beginning, with treating your new home for termite protection with a BORATE and guarantying it for FIVE FULL YEARS.


We have the most effective and professional termite treatment in the Pasco, Hernando& Citrus areas.

We use the highest quality products the industry has to offer.

We also put our TEN YEAR GUARANTEE on every job.


Pest Away Exterminators services Hudson, New Port Richey, Trinity and surrounding areas.   For more information, visit our “Contact Us” page or call (727)863-7853


We treat both commercial businesses AND residential homes for Termite Control

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