Lawn Spray Services in Hudson and Surrounding Areas

We pride ourselves on providing complete lawn care services to make your lawn the greenest and healthiest that is possible.

We apply our special blend of fertilizer nutrients in a spray application or in granule form on an every 8 week schedule.

We can do in 8 weeks what most other service companies can not accomplish coming out every 6 weeks.

We also apply the proper insecticides at the proper mixture ratios to control the bugs that eat your lawn such as chinch bugs.

Weed problems are a major concern among homeowners and we do our best work against these trouble weeds.

We are always striving to keep ahead of the competition in the terms of controlling weeds in your yard with the newest and most effective weed control products.

Lawn Spray in Hudson (and surrounding areas)
So no matter what your lawn care needs are, whether it is to maintain an already healthy lawn or to bring back a lawn that has been neglected for too long, Pest Away Exterminators are the lawn care specialists that you can trust.

We are active members of the FPMA (Florida Pest Management Association) & Green Business.