The Importance of Treating Bed Bugs in Hudson, FL (and surrounding areas)

Bed bugs have become a problem in many parts of the country. They can travel on clothing or in Hudson Bed Bug Treatment bags to move into new areas. They can go undetected in a home for weeks. You should understand a little about the insects and the importance of treatment.

Bed Bug Habits

The driving force behind these pests is the need to eat and reproduce. They live off the blood of mammals like humans and possibly your pets. The insects tend to spend time in narrow protected areas like between mattresses, behind headboards or inside ducts. They come out at night to feed and retreat during the day. They could be found anywhere such as in couches or on curtains. The bugs reproduce quickly and can cause an infestation over the course of just five weeks in some cases.

What Does Bed Bug Infestation Look Like?

One of the main signs of an infestation is seeing the small brownish or yellowish insects between mattresses, on walls or in other covered areas. You might also find small carcasses on the floor. The pests leave behind droppings that look like dark coffee grinds. A serious infestation is sometimes accompanied by a sour or rotten fruit smell. Mattresses or cushions might have strange brown or reddish staining. If the bugs are breeding, then you could find shed skin or eggshells around a millimeter long. A final sign is a collection of unexplained red bite marks or sores appearing on your body.

Why Is it Important to Treat Bed Bugs?

It is important to treat bed bugs because they make your home less sanitary. They can spread around germs on surfaces that make people sick. The sores from the bites could become infected over time. The pests can make you uncomfortable and could even prevent you from sleeping. They can irritate your pets. Large colonies of the insects have the potential to cause damage to the house or to lower the air quality if carcasses and casings get into the ductwork. A final danger is that the bugs could spread to others if you have guests in the house. If you think you have these pests, then call a specialist immediately to deal with the problem.

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