Are You Looking for Ant Control in Hudson (or surrounding areas)?

Pest Away Exterminators is a reputable Ant Control Company that’s committed to providing quality ant treatment services Hudson, FL. We have highly trained and skilled ant exterminators and take great pride in our state-of-the-art equipment that enable us to get rid of both large and small ant colonies fast and efficiently.

Where Do Ants Come From?

Ants come from outside nests and invade houses through cracked walls and doorways in search of food to forage and a new place to live. As a result, they may end up nesting in your clothing, eating stored food stuffs, destroying furniture and even pose health risks to you and your family.

Importance of Ant Treatment

The main reasons why you should consider hiring an ant control contractor to help you get rid of these unwanted visitors from your house is because we believe that you need to have peace of mind at all times knowing that you and your property are safe from unnecessary illnesses and destruction.

When you hire us, we’ll take the time to listen to your concerns and survey your property to determine the types and number of ants that have invaded your space. After that, we’ll recommend one or two of the following ant control solutions:

  1. Exterior Power Spray. Apart from knocking down ants immediately, our exterior power spray also leaves a protective residual barrier that can keep you protected from the pests for two to three months.
  2. Wall Injection. If the ants have built their nest inside your cracked walls, we’ll inject the walls with a special type of chemical to eliminate them and destroy all their breeding sites. The residual left from this injection can last up to 10 to 12 months.
  3. Yard Granulation. This treatment option is meant to fight ants from their outside nest using water-activated granules. We’ll also spread the granules around the circumference of your property to protect you from ants that can invade you from unknown sources.

These are just of the few ant treatment options that we have. We use environmentally friendly products that are tough on ants, but gentle on children and pets.

If you need an ant treatment in Hudson, FL, visit our “Contact Us” page or call (727)863-7853.