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How to get rid of Fleas & Ticks?.

To get pests problems under control, inspection is the first and foremost step.

Most pest control companies combine these two terms to define a similar method of eradication. Yet, these two pests are not biologically compatible in any way. For instance, fleas are insects, while ticks belong to the arachnid family. Another significant difference is that ticks do not have the leaping ability like fleas. Thus, they lay in wait for their prey in contrast to the fleas that jump to them. The only similarity is that both parasites are common in homes with pets.

Nonetheless, you may notice an infestation, even in homes without animals. If a previous homeowner or a neighbor kept pets, the parasites could move from one house to another. The most significant concern about ticks and fleas is their uncomfortable bites. With ticks sucking blood and hanging on the pet’s skin, it can result in a painful itch or rash. Some pets may also develop skin allergies caused by the flea’s saliva.

Successful pest control requires an entire property treatment, including the pets. By using that approach, it ensures total control of the invasion even after home relocation. Also, since you are using chemicals on your pet’s skin, it is advisable to contact a specialist for the best combination of treatments to avoid irritations.


A well-trained pest control specialist should have extensive knowledge of eradicating fleas and ticks in the most effective way possible. Also, they should follow the industry’s standardized service measures. The success of any pest eradication process starts from targeted treatments. That way, you can tackle each specific challenge based on a pest species. Another advantage to enjoy from a professional is quality assurance. If you hire one, you get guaranteed premium service and regular inspections at your premises. Note that there is a chance of receiving a value-added service if you engage an expert. The most common one is periodic customer training on pest management tips.

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