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Do you have a problem with resident pests? Are these annoying creatures too much to handle? Pests can have negative effects on the quality of your life. They can put your family’s health at risk. In this article, we’ll discuss ways to deal with common pests.

Mint can keep mice away from your home. Plant some mint around your home. This makes your home less than desirable to mice. If mice is living in your home, you can sprinkle mint leaves all around the area where you see signs of mice. While this will usually do, make sure the mint leaves are fresh.

You need to discover the ways bugs are getting into the house. They may be getting in spaces around the windows or you may be carrying them in yourself. When you know how pests are getting inside your home, you can fix and prevent the issue from happening again.

TIP! There is a clever trick to gather silverfish you see around your home. Place a wet newspaper on the floor and wait until the next day.

Are booklice overrunning your home? Get rid of the food item they’ve taken over and then wash down nearby surfaces with a mixture of bleach and water. Put the food source in a plastic bag and take it far, far away to get rid of it.

Start with the source. If you have trouble with pests, figure out what they’re eating. One reason you may have a problem is because your house provides food, water or shelter for a pest. Be sure to close off points of entrance and keep food scraps cleaned up. Eliminate water leaks under the house.

Inspect your home for standing water which may be in hidden areas. Pests will gravitate towards standing water like nothing else. Search for leaky pipes and make sure your plants’ trays are clean. Pests require water to thrive, so getting rid of it will make it that much harder for pests to live in your home.

Consider your pesticide application method if you have persistent bug problems. If you are spraying for pests outside, they may stay inside. Spray inside first, then go outside and spray.

Vacuuming the rugs is a good pest control tip. This will help get rid of the pests in your home. When you are done, properly dispose of the bag.

One way that you are able to kill bees, wasps or hornets that live around you is to spray them with hairspray. The hairspray is a double threat, as it kills the bugs while repelling others with its scent.

Watch out for mice around a stored camper or travel trailer. Try natural products to repel these pests first. There are many effective varieties to choose from. You can keep the mice out of your camper by placing these non-poisonous, pleasant smelling bags around.

Don’t blow money on bombs for small bugs like bed bugs and fleas. A bug bomb can even exacerbate the condition with these two especially stubborn pests. For these insects, you may be better off calling in a professional if you think it will be too difficult.

TIP! In order to keep pests away from your edible items, make sure that you store them properly. Glass and plastic containers with tightly sealed lids are ideal.

Make sure that you eliminate all of the areas that carpet beetles affect. If this isn’t possible, you will need to vacuum thoroughly (and often) and treat the area with insecticides. This can be hazardous to health, so weigh your options carefully.

Read and follow all the directions if you choose to use pesticides. You may not get the most out of them if you don’t follow the instructions. If a daily application is recommended, be sure to do it. It could take things a lot longer to happen if the directions are not followed.

Are you dealing with ants? You can remove them by creating a mixture of borax and sugar. The sugar will attract the pest, but the borax is going to kill bugs and small rodents. A cup of borax and a cup of sugar will do it. Put the mixture in a jar with holes punctured into the top, then shake it over baseboards and over your home’s foundation.

Don’t buy a home without having a professional exterminator examine it first. It can be easy to spot some infestations, but those under your home on inside the walls won’t be visible until a few days have passed.

TIP! Take the pest you want to get rid of with you when buying insecticides. This helps the professional with the product see what pest it is so that they can tell you what you can use to get rid of it.

Pets like dampness and darkness. Do your best to eliminate any standing water in your home. These areas are a prime breeding spot for pests. Ensure these areas receive lots of ventilation so that pests do not come in.

Trees should not be planted close to your house if you have rat and mice problems. When trees are too close, rodents can climb them and get into your attic and roof. A good distance to plant them at is 15 feet at the least.

When using pesticides, it is imperative that you carefully follow the instructions shown on labels. While it might seem that using more of a product will give you better results, that us not true. In many cases, using a larger amount will pose heath risks to those in the area.

If you use your old pantyhose, you can cover your vegetables and fruits to keep the bugs out. This keeps the insects out and prevents other animals from getting your food. Pantyhose are an inexpensive way to keep pesky pests from eating your plants.

TIP! Your best decision when it comes to bees should always be to bring in the professional. It’s hard to tell if you have African bees and it could be a life or death situation knowing the various species.

If you have a pest issue, seal up the cracks. Foggers and sprays have a hard time reaching deep into the walls. In addition to cracks in the walls, apply caulk to the area where wall molding and the floor meet, as well as around faucets and pipes.

Outdoor lights attract bugs. Do not put the light right near the entrance. You can use orange or yellow lights to reduce the amount of bugs.

It can work really well to use an electronic repellent for pests in and around your home. Plug this device into outlets in every room, and the buzzing sound will repel rodents. While humans can hear them, they don’t harm them. Rats and mice hate the sounds and will leave the area.

Keep mosquitoes away from your home by giving them no place to go. If you notice any standing water, make sure you drain it. Mosquitoes have been proven to breed in spots of water as tiny as what is left in a discarded food can with water still inside of it.

TIP! To keep rodents out of your home, use caulk to seal off any holes or openings. Rodents have the wondrous ability to slip through the tiniest of spaces, so seal up any you run across.

Do you have a problem with bird poop on your windows? If so, then you need to discover where birds are landing, and prevent them from doing so in the future. If it is a branch on a tree, remove that branch. Install some roosting spikes on your home if the birds are nesting and landing on your roof or window stills.

Pest Problem

Believe it or not, there is big business in bugs. Catching your pest problem early can really save you time and aggravation. Use the information this article provides if you suffer from a pest problem. You can save money on using exterminators if you can catch your pest problems earlier. Take measures to control pests on a daily basis and you’ll enjoy a nicer home overall.

If you spot spiders inside, remember that they may be there because they eat other bugs which may be in your home. Vacuum and dust daily to help rid your home of pests. Doing this keeps down the number of bugs in your home and will result in fewer spiders, too.

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