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Just mentioning the word “tick” makes most people cringe. There’s something horrifying about the thought of a tiny insect burrowing its head into your skin and sucking your blood. That’s why thereI need Tick Treatment in Hudson are tick treatment services in Hudson. If you have a tick problem in your home or yard, let the experts handle it.What Do Ticks Look Like?There are several species of ticks, but the most common ones are the American dog tick, the deer tick and the lone star tick, which has a white spot on its back. Ticks have tiny round to oblong bodies with even tinier heads. Four legs protrude out along each side of the body. They’re usually a reddish brown color, but can also be darker, turning to an off-white color as they engorge themselves on the blood of their host. Their bodies also enlarge as they engorge.

When the ticks are fully enlarged, they’re much easier to detach than when they’ve just buried their head. You can usually just grab the body with your fingers, turn it counter-clockwise and gently pull at the same time. Unfortunately, you don’t want them on your body or your pet’s body for that length of time, so it’s important to get them out as soon as you notice them.

There’s actually a small plastic tool shaped like a tiny golf club with a V at the end of the small part that easily removes any size tick. You slip the V under the body and turn it counter-clockwise without pulling. It comes right out, head and all.

Where Are Ticks Usually Found?

Ticks are usually found in wooded areas around Manzanita and oak trees. They can also be found in tall grass, wood piles or can drop out of trees as you pass beneath. Some ticks prefer certain hosts while others will feed on whatever live body they can find. Most prefer warm environments with some moisture, although some can even be found in the desert.

Why is Treating Ticks So Important?

Ticks can carry bacteria that may cause many diseases including Lyme Disease, which can leave a person with lifelong symptoms or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which can be fatal.

They can get into your home by hitching a ride on your dog, cat or clothing. Then they might drop off and crawl around your house until they find a suitable warm body. Even ones that don’t carry the ingredients for a disease can cause pain, swelling and irritation.

Although humans aren’t a tick’s primary host, they have to have blood to survive, so if their preferred host is dead or unavailable, they’ll feed on humans.

What Are Some Basic Types of Tick Treatment?

Although treatment for a few ticks or a tick infestation should be done by a Hudson tick control professional, there are a few things you can do to keep ticks out of your home. First, inspect your pets as they come into your home. Remove any ticks you find and either flush them down the toilet or drop them into a bottle containing alcohol or flea killer and tighten the lid.

Clean up any leafy debris around the outside of your home and trim trees or shrubs to create more sun exposure and dry out otherwise damp areas. Try to keep wood piles away from your house and pet area. Talk to your veterinarian to get the best tick control product for your pets.

To chemically treat outside areas, contact a professional who will discuss your options with you. Ticks are a nuisance pest that can carry fatal bacteria. Get rid of those blood-suckers before they get rid of you.

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