Expert Lawn Spray in Trinity Can Get Rid of Pesky Weeds like Crabgrass

If your front yard were a painting, then your lawn would be the canvass. After all, it’s the backdrop where you plant flowers, shrubs and trees, similar to how a painter applies colors onto a canvass.

Information Crabgrass

If the canvass itself were flawed, however, the overall aesthetic of your yard will suffer no matter how beautiful the flowers and plants you add. Unfortunately, weeds are only happy to spoil the perfect picture you’re trying to paint. In Florida, particularly, many homeowners are familiar with headaches caused by a persistent weed called crabgrass. This informative article from provides useful information about it:

“Crabgrass (Digitaria species) is an invasive weed that has become common throughout the United States since its importation from Eurasia. It invades lawns and takes over the landscape, leaving patches of unsightly growth where a manicured lawn once stood…

Smooth crabgrass grows to a maximum height of 6 inches and will not retreat even if mowed extremely short. Tall crabgrass is less resilient and will be damaged by short mowing. It reaches heights of up to 24 inches if allowed to grow unfettered. They are annual plants, living for one year, producing seed and then dying. Their offspring take over the following year and so on.”

How does crabgrass get onto your yard? Birds are often the biggest culprits when it comes to spreading this unwelcome plant—they like feeding on its seeds, which they inadvertently drop onto your lawn. When crabgrass takes root, it’s the beginning of an uphill battle. Even a single seed can spawn a thousand plants in one season, and before long they’ll compete with your turf grass and other plants for water, space and nutrients.

Thankfully, you can get a professional lawn spray in Trinity to get rid of these intruders once and for all. Companies like Pest Away Exterminators will apply special chemicals to the soil that destroy weeds like crabgrass and prevent them from growing back.

Aside from this, lawn sprays also count as effective pest control in Trinity, FL homes because they banish insects like aphids, leaf curl, mealy bugs, and hibernating caterpillars from your home. After all, your lawn should not only be weed-free, but pest-free as well.

Maintaining a flawless lawn is no small task, and weeds like crabgrass only make it that much harder. Thankfully, regular lawn sprays can keep these interlopers at bay so your front yard can look its absolute best.

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