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Do Cockroaches Cause Asthma?


The Truth About Cockroaches and Asthma

A cockroach is not only an unsightly, and unpleasant pest, it’s a health risk as well. According to the American Lung Association, cockroaches trigger allergens for asthma patients. Research is showing these pests can actually be the cause of asthma developing in preschool-aged kids.

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Can You Prevent Termites?


Termite Prevention Tips 

Between the pandemic and the harsh winter, most of the country experienced this season, spring can’t come fast enough for most. In the blink of an eye, the grounds will thaw, flowers will bloom, and the sun will shine. As the weather begins to warm up you may also begin to see other, more unpleasant signs of spring approaching– the presence of bugs. As the weather begins to warm, bugs begin to swarm. Continue reading to learn how to protect your home this spring. 

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Termites Making a Meal of Your Home? Spotting Termite Damage


How To Recognize and Avoid Termite Damage

Termites are seriously destructive insects. Crawling up into foundation posts or sill plates from damp soil and flying into crawl spaces or attics, these relentless insects can tunnel into and chew through wooden components of your home, most often undetected. Given the right conditions, termites can spread and leave nothing but paper-thin layers of what used to be strong pieces of wood. According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), termites do an estimated $5 billion of property damage in the U.S each year. These costs are typically not covered by home insurance policies. Early detection of termites can help mitigate damage and minimize the cost of repairs.

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Pantry Pests Prevention


Who Else Might Be Eating Your Cereal? (Pantry Pests Prevention)

There is nothing worse than discovering you are sharing your cereal with pests. The problem with them sharing your cereal, is they share by contaminating your foods. Pests in your pantry are not limited to mice, you could also be sharing your food with moths, ants, beetles, and other species who enjoy the taste of your cereal. While this thought is disturbing, there are steps you can take to prevent these visitors from sharing your pantry and the food inside. Continue reading

Things You Do That Attract Termites


What Attracts Termites To Your Home and How To Stop Attracting Them!

Does anyone really want to have termites in their home? Of course not! But homeowners could unwittingly do things that attract those pests. Termites are always hungry and they can work on building their colonies 24 hours a day. They’re hard to detect, at first, because they are so small, but they are something no homeowner wants to have. Here are some things you might be doing around your house that attract these tiny bugs that can cost huge repair expenses in your home.

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